Autumn art

Autumn art

What bettberry arter way to celebrate the autumn than to go out into the wilds, or your garden, or along the road, or to the local park and collect wonderful edible berries to play with and make art!

If you are unsure what to pick, here is a list of ones that are edible and safe to play with, but do take an identification book and stick to what you know for sure if you are unsure. Also, we work to what is called a 10% rule- we don’t pick more than 10% from any one area to leave plenty for others including the wildlife, also make sure you have permission.




hawthorn berries

rosehips (just be careful of the seeds- they can make you itchy)

Other colours-

charcoal (black) if you can find or make some

mud 🙂

green leaves- lovely to rub on material and wood to get the green out

late flowers- there are still some around and they make surprisingly bright, beautiful additions..for example, herb robert and, where I live, crocosmia is in abundance. While you are at it, why not make a foraged colour rainbow?


You then needContact-Us-large-image-crop to get an old sheet- ideally white, cream, light colours and cut to the size and shape you would like.

Alternatively, you can use a disc of wood! You will also need something to bash with although that is not necessary, it depends on how you want your image to look, then go for it! You can fold the material over with the berries inside and bash away to make a butterfly shape or squeeze the berries and rub them on the material to draw and paint. you could even carve a potato stamper, cover it in juice and stamp away!this would be good for the very little ones so they can make shapes easily. however you do it, then end result will look great. To turn it into a flag, find a stick and cut some slips along the material and hey presto!

I hope you have loads of fun getting crafty this autumn

.forest-school    making flags


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