Forest School is a hands-on way of offering regular outdoor learning and play experiences whether in your school grounds, local park or woodland.

Inspired by Scandinavian nature kindergartens, Forest School has been developed in the UK into projects and activities suitable for diverse age groups and needs, from babies to secondary school pupils and FE students. The Forest School approach focuses on facilitating the development of self confidence, self esteem and self motivation through learner-led activity and team work. Forest School offers opportunities for sensory learning, developing risk awareness and self regulation, learning wood skills such as using tools and lighting fires and learning about the environment in a fun and engaging way.

For more information about the history of Forest School and its development in the UK, please visit the Forest School Association webpage.

  • Our Forest School project has really gained momentum and nearly all of our children have had the chance to go to the woods. The children are always playing forest school in the nursery and always talking about their experiences. It's really had an impact on the children. In July we are delivering a summary of our project and the impact on language development to interested schools at the University

    D. Malley (Level 2 Forest School Assistant and Level 3 Forest School Practitioner Award) Lord Street Nursery School, Derby
  • Lauren has made this a very positive training experience- even though I had some background from guiding/scouting I have learned a lot and had fun. She is very knowledgeable about her subject and extremely enthusiastic. Wonderful experience, thank you.

    M Tokunaga, Cutthorpe primary, Level 3 FS practitioner Award
  • Hi Lauren. Thank you for the quality of teaching that you gave in which I feel that I have gained so much from. The fast turn around that you have managed to do with the portfolio was fantastic. The past year has taken me on a real journey that has made a lasting impression on my own professional development and  within school and our children.

    K. Gartland, Level 3 Forest School Practitioner Award
  • I had a real sense of achievement when lighting the fire and keeping it going. The tutor was very knowledgeable and supportive.

    S. Sly, Level 3 Forest School Practitioner Award

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