Icy wonders: creative frozen tea light holders

Icy wonders: creative frozen tea light holders


It is great to get creative with natural resources and these frozen tea light holders are easy to make, rely on one material becoming another (water into ice) and can be very creative projects. To make a frozen tea light holder, ideally it needs to be freezing temperatures outside, although you can of course put them into freeze in a freezer if you have access to one!

You will need:


different shaped containers- things that fit inside each other and with different depths

natural materials such as twigs, leaves, moss, anything that catches your eye!

tea lights and matches

access to hot water

Time- they will have to be given time to freeze, this may be leaving them out overnight or for a couple of days or leaving them in the freezer

How to make them:

containers to make frozen tea light holders First of all, collect natural materials to decorate the tea light holders. You may need a pair of secateurs to cut things. I found some leaves, twigs, bits of moss. Decide which containers you are going to use and fill the bigger container maybe 2/3 full with water. I did this in the kitchen, but if you are in the woods, you may be able to use stream water or take water with you in containers. Next, start to decorate the water by placing some of your natural items in the water and arranging them so they sit around the outside space of the container, leaving space as much as you can in the middle. Your other container is going to go in that space.

natural materials for frozen tea light holder You can see here that the other container sits in the middle space. Some people suggest holding it in place using electrical tape, I have not found that to work very well so I build the foliage i am decorating the tea light holder around the inside container and I find that holds it in place fine (more or less!).

I found a bit of glitter in the bottom of an old container and added it to the water too for a bit more sparkle!

putting tea light holders outside to freeze

Once you have made them, they need to be left to freeze. We have very cold conditions here at the moment, so no problems there! But, as I say, there is the possibility of putting them in the freezer. You may need to weigh down the container inside the water filled container, I used stones and distributed the weight- see the image here. You can fill the inside container with water too, but that may make it harder to remove in the next stage.

Check them the next day, different sized tea light holders will need different lengths of time to freeze. you can tell if they are frozen by checking the ice is solid all the way through and there is not still free water movement. That’s why clear containers are handy!

Once you are happy that all the water is frozen, you are ready to then make the tea light holder a reality! To do this, you will need some warm water.

taking the inside container out of the frozen tea light holder   putting the icy container in warm water to make the frozen tea light holder

Put a little bit of warm water if required in the inside container to help you pull it out, being careful not to spill it into the ice filled container. Next, put the ice filled container into a bowl with some warm water in it. Don’t leave it too long! just long enough so that you can remove it from the container and whatever you do, don’t drop the ice into the warm water!! Pop a tea light into the space in the ice, light it and voila, pure beauty!

frozen tea light holder

Outside in the ice and snow

ice tea light holder

The tea light can melt through after a while and then you can turn it into a frozen decoration to hang somewhere!

ice tea light holder

Still freezing and waiting to be a tea light holder!

still freezing!

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