Woodland bird feeder- a great present for Christmas!

008I have made this bird feeder as a kit for my 2 year old nephew to give to him for Christmas so he can make it himself  and hang it up for the birds.

You will need:

a drill with wide drill bits for wood (we used 18mm) and smaller bit for the top hole

wood! one thick piece from about your wrist to your elbow -this makes the ‘body’ of the feeder. One thinner piece which will be the perch.

A sanding block

strong string- I used paracord

bird seed and nut butter

somewhere to hang it up!

Drill a hole all the way through the wood at the bottom wide enough to poke the ‘perching stick’ through but not so wide that it falls out! Then, up the thicker stick, drill holes in but not all the way through. These holes will be for the seed and nut butter so the birds can peck away. We made a hole near the top too so that birds can perch on the top and bend down. At the top, drill a hole all the way through using a small drill bit to make a hole for the string, rope, paracord. Then, sand the wood using sandpaper or a sanding block (or give a block or sandpaper to the person you are making the kit for), thread the string through and assemble.

Once assembled, make the seedy nut butter (the messy bit!). Get seeds suitable for wild birds, mix with nut butter and pack into the holes. Remember to refill once the birds have been!

Hang up the bird feeder and watch the birds come and nibble and enjoy your hard work!


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